How much do sessions cost?

The very first therapy session is 2 hours long and the cost is $400

The cost of a standard 50 minute consultation is $260.00.

Can I get a rebate?

With a mental health care plan (which you can get from your GP) you can access rebates of $141.85 for up to 10 sessions per year. So the out of pocket cost for a standard 50 minute consultation when a rebate is used is $118.15 and the out of pocket cost of the first 2 hour therapy session is $258.15. 

It is important to know that arranging a Mental Health Care Plan with your GP is your responsibility. Many, but not all, GPs complete the Mental Health Care Plan over an extended session so it is worth checking with your GP’s admin team when you book in. When you reach the end of the sessions covered by the Mental Health Care Plan it is your responsibility to see your GP for a review.

What services do you offer?

I offer psychological treatment to help you address mental health difficulties that you are experiencing. I see people from age 15 and up. If you are under the age of 18 please have a parent or guardian contact me.

Is there anything that you don't do?

While I conduct an assessment as a part of providing psychological treatment I do not offer formal diagnostic assessments (for example, an ADHD assessment) nor cognitive assessments nor assessments and reports to help apply for NDIS nor the DSP.

I am not a psychiatrist (a medical practitioner who has specialised in the treatment of mental health difficulties) so I cannot prescribe you medication nor can I complete any form of psychiatric report (for example, a psychiatric report for VicRoads).

I do no longer take clients under NDIS and if you are seeing me under, TAC or WorkSafe there is still a gap payment. Typically the easiest way to receive financial support to see me is under a Mental Health Care Plan or via private health insurance.

I am also not a crisis service and can only provide support during the time that we have an appointment.

Are sessions confidential?

Everything we discuss during the appointment is confidential between you and me with five exceptions. 

First, if I have serious concerns about your safety or the safety of other people there is a duty of care to take action. 

Second, if there is a risk of serious injury or sexual abuse for a child then by law I am required to report this to child protection.

Third, if I am subpoenaed by a court. 

Fourth, other health care providers involved in providing you care have the right to information relevant to them providing this care. For example, if we discuss medication usage or your physical health, your GP would have the right to information regarding these two topics that relates to their provision of care to you.

Fifth, I may discuss your situation with other mental health providers who I see for supervision (typically other clinical psychologist). Please know that all psychologists are required to undertake supervision so this is not optional.

What is your availability?

Mondays: 9am to 1pm at The Crane General Practice in Clifton Hill

Tuesdays: 9am to 6:20pm at R2R Health in Moonee Ponds

Wednesdays: 1pm to 5pm at The Stables Consulting Suites in Fitzroy North

Thursdays: Tuesdays: 9am to 6:20pm at R2R Health in Moonee Ponds

Fridays: 9am to 6:20pm at R2R Health in Moonee Ponds

See the locations page for the addresses.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel within 48 hours of the appointment I charge a cancellation fee equal to the full session fee. Please note that Medicare (and other funding bodies) do not cover the cancellation fee and you will be required to pay this amount yourself.

The 48 hours notice is based on when I receive the notification that you need to cancel/reschedule. The 48 hours notice agreement is not based on the time that you send the notification. For example, if you have an appointment at 9am and you send me a text at 8:50am two days prior that you cannot attend, but I do not receive the text until 9:10am, then I will charge the cancellation fee.

What do I do if I am having a crisis?

If you experience an emergency or crisis situation, it is important that you access appropriate support. 

I am not a crisis service and I can typically only offer very limited support between appointments. 

Please refer to the resources page for a list of crisis services.

Do you see people with NDIS, TAC or Worksafe funding?

Yes, I do see people with NDIS and TAC funding but there are some important things to know. I am no longer taking new clients under WorkSafe funding.

Unfortunately, the government rules state that NDIS funding cannot be used for the treatment of a mental health related disability. For example, if you have severe chronic depression and on the grounds that you are suffering from this depression you have been granted NDIS funding, you cannot use the NDIS funding to pay for the treatment of the depression. When it comes to mental health care, NDIS funding can only be used to help support someone when mental health issues are secondary to a different, primary disability. For example, a person has lost a limb and due to the loss of the limb they have been granted NDIS funding. Then the NDIS funding could be used to pay for psychological treatment for depression related to the loss of the limb. As a result of these rules it is rare that the government rules allow me to see a client who wishes to use NDIS funding.  

In addition, for NDIS and TAC, you can use these sources of funding to see me but please know that I still charge my full fee and, as a result, that there is a gap fee. The rebate from the NDIS is currently $214.41 and the rebate from the TAC is currently $220. 

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